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Is it about that boy
It felt voyeuristic to read a book about my mate, even though he had written it and invited me to read it. I thought, Jerry's told me the bits he wants me to know, the rest is personal. But after a while I did start reading and it is a very readable book. My heart goes out to the young lad growing up and trying to find his way, being brought up to respect his elders and betters only to learn the hard way he shouldn't have. I learnt more about my friend and understand now how all the snippets he had told me sit together, and the consequences of what went on are still coming to light.
Posted by kath sallabank on 20 August 2018
Hi Jeremy,
I recently read the buzzfeed article featuring your story and I want to say thank you for being so open about your experiences and for not allowing the 'gay cure' in British history be swept under the rug. I am currently writing my history dissertation on sexual reorientation therapy and I would like to include your testimony.

I look forward to reading your book when you self-publish.
Posted by Holly on 11 November 2017
Hi Holly, you are welcome to use my story. I would like to see your dissertation when it is done. Keep in touch through my email
Posted by Jeremy Gavins on 12 November 2017
buzzfeed article
the buzzfeed article was so shocking and deeply upsetting. I just want to give you a hug (not that that would help much) it should not have happened to you, it wasn't fair. I hope you are finding some happiness in your life now
Posted by l on 16 October 2017
Thank you for the hug. I have no doubt that I will be appearing in London some time in the not too distant future and I will take you up on the offer. Contact me on Facebook if you wish.

I am now well on my way to recovery after over 40 years of trauma. I am determined to enjoy as much as possible the life I have left.
Posted by Jeremy Gavins on 16 October 2017
this is related to my type 3 walls
Read your story on buzzfeed, am heartbroken and horrified. and just needed to say you are brave and strong for surviving that and telling your story. Its a disgrace that you haven't had an apology. Much respect sir!
Posted by Lise on 01 October 2017
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