I have been building walls since I was eleven years old.

The walls I've built fall into three distinct types. 

The first walls I erected were the psychological ones I consciously created to protect the vulnerable child within from the hateful people that surrounded him. These walls were just like my type two stone walls in that at the beginning I was not very good at it. Unfortunately for me, the wall I built before my first stress breakdown* was in no way thick enough to keep me hidden and safe. I learnt from experience to build my inner walls stronger.

The second types of stone walls are those I have built as a professional dry stone waller based mainly in the Lake District, but also in the northern counties of England and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. It was the building of these walls that brought me peace of mind when my depressions laid me so low that I considered suicide.

The third type of wall is the kind I didn’t totally discover until 2016. These were the unconscious stone walls my brain erected in my mind to hide from me the truth of the trauma I was subjected to in 1972. These walls kept everything hidden until my mind deemed it safe to release the truth.

I live to build walls, I do not build walls to live.

* see glossary

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